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Glibett, an illustration studio   committed to impactful projects, cultivates positive change through honesty, empathy, and collaboration,   uniting individuals to create meaningful impact and a better world .

Program Identity

  • Designing impactful visual identities for various projects.
  • Creating logos and deploying a scalable identity for consistent communication across different platforms.
  • Communication Toolkit: Preparing templates for autonomous internal communication management.


  • Creating games (card, board, life-size) as a playful means of conveying a message.
  • Toolbox containing various sensitization instruments for facilitating workshops, etc.

Collective Intelligence Workshops / Design thinking

  • Offering group workshops using collective strength to generate creative ideas and perceptions.
  • Ideation workshops for creating games, designing devices, providing a vision, compiling data.
  • Introspective/recreational workshops around illustration for self-expression and connecting with oneself and others.
  • Customizable workshops.

Creative illustration

Illustration is at the core of our approach. We use this versatile tool to communicate complex ideas in a simple and engaging manner. From creating educational drawings to deploying campaign visuals and article illustrations, we transform concepts into impactful images.

From abstract to tangible

Illustration goes beyond mere visual representation by transforming abstract ideas into tangible images. It shapes complex concepts, providing instant visual understanding.

We tell stories

Every illustration tells a story. It enables the communication of messages, explains processes, and portrays scenarios in a way that engages the audience and evokes emotion.

We touch the heart

Illustrations captivate by evoking emotions. They allow the conveyance of not only information but also a visual experience that resonates with the audience.

We adapt easily

Illustrations adapt to various styles and formats. From infographics to comics, they offer flexibility that allows them to be integrated into various types of media and platforms.

We stay in memories

Memorable images linger in the minds of the audience long after they have been seen. Our illustrations create lasting impressions, thereby enhancing the retention of key information.

We surpass the borders

Illustrations transcend cultural and linguistic barriers. They are an effective means of global communication, reaching a wide range of audiences.